Maja Novak, Msc, CEO at Global Disruption

AI-powered Linkedin Expert

Ms. Maja Novak, is a seasoned expert and CEO at Global Disruption. With a wealth of experience in curriculum development, training design, and social media mastery, especially on LinkedIn and video marketing, she’s dedicated to helping innovators and business owners build strong brands, craft authentic messages, and nurture lasting relationships. An accomplished author and innovator, Novak is the creative mind behind viral apps like the “Viral LinkedIn Profile Generator” and the “ChatGPT Academy for Entrepreneurs.” Her remarkable insights have made her a recognized thought leader in the industry. Maja’s academic journey is just as impressive, with over a decade of post-doctoral studies at the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security. She skillfully combines academic knowledge with practical business strategies, providing a unique perspective to her clients. As a project leader, Maja played a key role in successful Erasmus Plus projects focused on social innovation (SOCIA I, SOCIA II) and youth entrepreneurship (JuniorMBA). Novak is also an experienced lecturer who has conducted more than 300 workshops on LinkedIn such as effective copywriting, content marketing, and more.