Kristjan Zemljic, Co-founder at Global Disruption

AI Strategist & Prompt Engineer

Kristjan Zemljic, is an experience Project Management and AI Strategist, whose expertise spans across various domains. With three international PM certifications, he is a trusted advisor to hi-tech and deep-tech companies, as well as players in the innovation ecosystem. As a Mentor and Key Expert, Zemljic’s impact extends to over 200 companies and tech teams across 27 EU countries. His capacity-building training, delivered on behalf of the European Commission, has earned him a reputation as a seasoned mentor. Kristjan’s AI and Tech Savvy nature enables him to foster growth and success for businesses. He possesses a deep understanding of AI, app development, and training programs, making him proficient in fundraising and sponsorship activities. With a track record of Successful Project Leadership, Kristjan coordinated the LDV-TOI project “Career plan 50+” and actively contributed to Small-scale partnerships like LDV (Entrepreneur 2.0). Additionally, he handled ESF projects in adult education worth €2.5M. As an Innovative Author and Co-founder, Kristjan’s creative force led to the development of ChatGPT applications for acquiring EU funds. His unique perspective as an AI strategist and prompt engineer is highly valuable.Kristjan’s expertise has secured over €45M in funds for innovative solutions, making him a sought-after mentor for Deep Tech Companies.Being a co-founder of Global Disruption, Kristjan continues to drive innovation and excellence in the entrepreneurial landscape.Kristjan’s pioneering training program “ChatGPT in Grant Writing” equips professionals with cutting-edge techniques for securing grants and funding, attracting over 100 experts from Europe and beyond.With his unique combination of project management prowess, AI expertise, and mentoring skills, Kristjan Zemljic stands as a visionary leader. Businesses looking to thrive in the ever-changing tech landscape will find an exceptional guide in him.