From Zero to Influencer: ChatGPT for LinkedIn

Looking to get a new job? Accelerate your career? Or expand your network with influential LinkedIn connections? If so, this course is for you!

From Zero to Influencer: ChatGPT for LinkedIn will equip you with the exact skills you need to transform your LinkedIn presence and open doors to new opportunities.

No matter your tech background, we’ll guide you through AI-powered marketing, personal branding, and content creation tailored to your specific goals.Within intense, 2-hour training,  you will learn the latest prompt engineering tricks for optimizing your LinkedIn profile to get noticed by recruiters, techniques for expanding your network with meaningful connections, and step-by-step guidance for creating AI-powered, magnetic content that drives engagement.

Whether you want to land your dream job, get a promotion, or grow an international network to sell your services or products abroad – this course will get you there. Our expert instructors will provide a first-hand experience that helped them sell their products and services across 27 EU countries. Their clients are renowned hi-tech SMEs, technology parks, universities, and entrepreneurs.

You too, can infuse valuable knowledge into your actions and feel confident to achieve your specific goals on LinkedIn.

Enroll now and get the unfair advantage to reach career and business success faster. The future belongs to those who embrace AI.

Become the LinkedIn influencer you know you can be!

  • Optimizing LinkedIn profiles for discoverability
  • Strategies for expanding professional networks
  • Crafting viral, high-quality LinkedIn posts
  • Understanding ChatGPT capabilities for prompt engineering
  • Applying AI ethically to enhance LinkedIn presence

• The Arrival of AI (ChatGPT, Bard, Claude-2)
• The NextGen LinkedIn User
• AI-Productivity Tools, Tips & Tricks

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
• Personal profiles vs. company pages
• Standout with an amazing LN profile
• Use Case: Viral Linkedin Profile Generator
• AI-powered LinkedIn Networking (3x3 Formula)

Decoding ChatGPT Engine
• How Large Language Models Work
• ChatGPTs' capabilities and limitations
• AI Plugins and use cases for effective marketing

Creating Effective LinkedIn Posts
• Structuring posts for high engagement
• Generating ideas and outlines with ChatGPT
• Writing draft posts with ChatGPT
• Improving posts through multi-step prompting
• Fact-checking prompts to verify information

Tackling Prompt Engineering
• Simple vs. multi-step prompts
• Using "power words" effectively
• Personas and other patterns
• Ethical use cases for ChatGPT for LinkedIn

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This course is for people who are active on LinkedIn or are intrerested in learning how to best use AI for LinkedIn.

From Zero to Influencer: ChatGPT for LinkedIn

Language: English
Mode of study: Online
Starting Date:
Duration: 2 hours
Prerequisites: -

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