How to make creativity and innovation an everyday habit inside your company(Funded by HRDA)

This programme has been approved by the Human Resource Development Authority. (ΑΝΑΔ)

Many companies want to know how they can best emulate iconic companies like Amazon, Alibaba and Alphabet. But the real opportunity for organisation is to build on their own strengths to create a thriving culture of innovation. Chris Yeh

The formal definition of innovation has five simple words: ‘‘Something different that creates value’’

The greatest source of untapped energy is the innovation potential that exists inside organizations around the world. Leaders have tried countless ways to liberate and harness this energy – treks to Silicon Valley, global contests, corporate accelerators, huge investments in innovation capabilities. Yet most organisations would admit they have struggled to create truly innovative cultures. The course Eat, Sleep, Innovate lays out a system level way to encourage and enable people to think and act beyond the status quo.

Success requires focusing on changing people’s daily habits – and then making sure they stick and scale.

Drawing on ground-breaking research into habit change and organisational culture, the trainers will share the tools, the language, and inspiration that every organization needs to overcome obstacles and empower individuals and teams to be their most curious and creative – every single day.

In the first part of the seminar, participants will learn that the culture of innovation is one in which the behaviors that drive innovation success come naturally and this will be examined through a case study. In the second part, participants will be exposed to the challenges that organisations face when seeking to create such a culture; evidently, institutionalised inertia powered by the shadow strategy. Through another case study, it will be shown how organisations overcome this challenge.

In the third part of the seminar, the idea of behaviour enablers, artifacts, and nudges to encourage desired behaviours and overcome identified blockers will be presented whilst in the final part, participants will get familiarised with concrete and practical ideas on how to make innovation and creativity a day-to-day habit in their organisation.

Παρακαλώ σημειώστε πως για συμμετοχή στο πρόγραμμα προαπαιτείται εγγραφή στο σύστημα της Αρχής Ανάπτυξης Ανθρώπινου Δυναμικού, Ερμής.

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  • Practical guide to help organisations - from family-owned companies to governmental authorities - innovate with true impact
  • Help regular companies become innovation powerhouses
  • Give insights, focus and inspiration to create and hardwire a culture of innovation
  • Crafting of an innovation culture
  • Insightful and practical guide to breaking down the common barriers to innovation and building the rituals, habits, and culture that allows it to flourish every single day
  • Integration of theory and practice on driving change
  • Insights on how to clear out the day-to-day behaviours that are often the most significantly hidden
  • Overcoming innovation barriers
  1. Case Study: When behaviors that drive innovation come naturally, then an organisation has a true culture of innovation
  2. Case Study: How to overcome institutionalised inertia powered by the shadow strategy
  3. BEANS: Behaviour Enablers, Artifacts and Nudges to encourage desired behaviours
  4. Practical and concrete ideas on how to make innovation and creativity a day-to-day habit in an organisation

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This online workshop is for professionals, organisations, companies, institutions and local authorities who wish to encourage and cultivate innovation within their organisation.

This programme has been approved by the Human Recourse Development Authority Cyprus (ΑΝΑΔ)

Cost per participant : 204.7€ includ. VAT

HRDA funding per participant:  102€

Amount to be paid per participant: 70€ + 32.7€ VAT


How to make creativity and innovation an everyday habit inside your company(Funded by HRDA)

Language: English
Mode of study: Online
Starting Date: TBA
Duration: 1 day
Prerequisites: None

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