April 5, 2023

EUC’s Future Skills Hub Hosts Amazon Web Services Training

The Future Skills Hub at European University Cyprus hosted the first in-person Amazon Web Services (AWS) training in Cyprus in February 2023. Organized in collaboration with the local distributor of AWS products, Logicom Group, the three-day training attracted more than 40 participants and was entitled “AWS Sales Ready and AWS Cloud Practitioner” with four AWS representatives taking part.

With participants from Cyprus and abroad, the three-day training provided participants the opportunity to acquire important knowledge and skills in cloud computing. The training also provided hands-on experience to the participants in using AWS tools as well as the ability to interact with industry experts.

In addition, upon completion of the course, the trainees are able to proceed with the certification and accreditation of the title AWS Cloud Practitioner, a certificate that is recognised worldwide and confirms that its holder has the necessary knowledge and skills to work with the AWS platform.

The training prepared participants for the certification examination, enabling them to proceed to the relevant examination at any time after completion of the course.